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How much does downtime cost you on a project? Why not reduce it to the absolute minimum? Our unique stainless steel submersible setup works 24/7, even in the harshest environments. It's already being used throughout the world by some of the most highly reputable dredging contractors in the industry.

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The Tyker Robot Plotter is a compact, autonomous robot for pre-marking lines and staking out points on your job site. It does so with incredible accuracy in all weather conditions, while ensuring the absolute safety of your operators and other team members.

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Milling & Paving 

Streamline your workflow and enjoy far greater efficiency with Topcon's millimetre-accurate GNSS milling solution, complete with automatic steering.

Do you want a seamless paving workflow - throughout your project from design to control to as-built data? Find out more about Topcon's system and how it will benefit you. 


Topcon's DR-53i Drill Rig Indicate System provides navigation assistance, pattern design tools and visible indicators, letting operators know when they are in the correct position and angle to begin drilling.

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Do you need conversions or modifications to an existing machine? Want to update your project managers, surveyors or operators with extra training? Maybe you're looking for remote or on-site support services?

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